Welcome to the Little Angels site. I am so glad you are here! It is my pleasure to introduce you to my brand new animated series for young children — "Little Angels". This project is near and dear to my heart and I am so eager to share it with you.

God in Heaven, my Savior dear Watch over my children and draw thou near Send your little angels to be at their side To light and to guard to love and to guide.

This sweet night time prayer from my own childhood was one of the inspirations for the Little Angels series. As you may know, I know I played an angel on television for almost 10 years, bringing a message of God's love to millions of people around the world. And now I want to bring the same message to your kids.

In Little Angels, four year old twins, Alex and Zoe, have eight Little Angels looking out for them. The angels live on a mural on the nursery's ceiling and come to life when the kids need them most. They act as teachers, protectors and friends - to instruct and guide. Each angel has a distinct personality and I know your kids will just love every one of them!

Little Angels will provide your family with real practical skills such as learning their ABC's and 123's. It also will teach them core family values, such as the importance of being kind and sharing, of being truthful and honest and of showing gratitude and love. The angels also offer your kids a glimpse into the world of the Bible by whisking Zoe and Alex back in time to some favorite Biblical stories. Along the way we meet Noah, Jonah, and Joshua, and of course, we witness Jesus teaching
and healing.

Alex and Zoe face all the same challenges all kids do and our Little Angels are always there to help them along the way. And because the angels are messengers from God, our Little Angels are there to remind Alex and Zoe (and our little viewers at home) that they are never alone, for God is always watching over them and loving them. In addition, Little Angels is super cute and funny! And it has colorful animation! And adorable characters! And charming, upbeat sing-along music! Whew - I could go on about it forever!

I'm thrilled you've found our site. I hope you will return regularly as I will be updating and adding exciting new products along the way. May God bless you always.

Roma Downey

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